2017 Android RecyclerView Tutorial with Full Source
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2017 RecyclerView Tutorial by Ryan Kay (wiseAss).

Part 1: Project OverView, is available to watch here:

RecyclerView 2017 Part 1

Part 2: Basic RecyclerView, is being worked on right now

RecyclerView 2017 Part 2

Welcome to my Android RecyclerView Tutorial. About a year ago, I got so pissed off at how overly complicated it was to get a decent RecyclerView running (which is also my fault for not being a better learner), that I decided to make series on Youtube about it. Much to my surprise, my long winded explanations and random tangents was something that a few people actually enjoyed.

While I didn’t make any MAJOR mistakes with the old tutorial, I was still pretty much a Junior Developer on the Android Platform at that point. Since then, I’ve learned a great deal about making Android Apps, and even more about teaching people how to make them; so here you have it.

Please bare in mind that while I’m getting ok at this Android thing, there’s always room to learn. If there’s anything in my Code which strikes you as being wrong or sub-optimal, please open a GitHub Issue and let me know about it! Bonus points if you take the time to actually explain why I’m wrong; I don’t have a lot of spare time and I appreciate good feedback when I can get it.

For Beginners

The Videos are made for you. I’ll do my best to give you the following:

  • A fundamental understanding of how RecyclerViews and RecyclerView.Adapters work
  • A working App which implements the above
  • Good Software Architecture Principles whenever I feel like I can work them in to what I’m talking about
  • A brief explanation of Unit Tests (let’s not worry about what they ARE, I’ll actually show you what they can DO for us)
  • General Best Practices for Android App building (well, as far as I’m aware)
  • Some of the Layouts use ConstraintLayout
  • A West Coast Canadian accent.

For Not Beginners

Read my code. I try to give everything good descriptive names, and I built my Software to basics standards of Software Architecture and SOLID Principles whenever possible.

For All

If nothing else, I hope this project demonstrates that while it’s great to learn stuff from Videos and Textbooks, looking at/creating well documented Code with good naming Conventions, is something you should work towards. Whether you are looking at your own old Code, or working with other people, do us all a favour and don’t just bang out a bunch of ugly crap with bad names and a Package Structure that doesn’t make any sense. The names and Package Structure should help people understand your code, not piss them off. </rant>

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I’m an Indie Android Dev living in Victoria BC Canada. I’m a major Nerd, and rambling about Software is quite therapeutic for me, to the extent that I have a (https://www.youtube.com/user/gosuddr93)[Youtube Channel] mostly dedicated to that. I also do a Weekly Live Android Developer Q&A Series most Sundays at 8:00AM PDT (GMT -7). You can watch that at the aforementioned time (https://www.youtube.com/c/wiseAss/live)[here].

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