Android Live Q&A Ep. 1 - wiseAss
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Welcome to the blog post for my first Live Q&A stream. If appropriate/when I have time, I’ll update notes, important links, and so forth to this page.

Check out the video here.

Topics by Timestamp

8:45 - What do I do for a Living in Canada besides this, and a note on Building a Business without much Capital (Money to start/build Business).

10:30 - When do I think someone should apply to a job as a Junior Developer?

13:40 - What to learn before Applying to a Job?

15:00 - A mistake I made with the First App I tried to build.

17:00 - Do you need a degree to get a Job as an Android Developer?

20:55 - Is it good to use MVP (Model View Presenter) with a Complex UI?

25:30 - Important* A note on why I like to observe Single Responsibility Principle (Components only do one thing). Also, my Brain goes full autism about the SOLID abreviation because reasons.

29:50 - What do I think is the best way to handle Multiple Screen Sizes/Resolutions with UI?

33:00 - What do I think about the Flow Library?

34:00 - How to handle Large/Many Libraries in one Project, which can approach the DexLimit (64k+ methods in one App)

39:40 - Do you need to use Multiple dimens.xml files, if you are using a ConstraintLayout?

42:50 - Do I know of a Learning Source or Tutorial for User Interface?

46:30 - Should you use a Toolbar in a Fragment or not?

49:30 - Can I explain how Constraint Layout works?

54:40 - What does the Service Layer and Repository Layer to in MVP Architecture? What are Software Architecture Layers?

1:12:40 - Does TDD (Test Driven Development) help you to Develop Apps and Improve their quality?

1:34:30 - Can I suggest Sources for Advanced Learning Material on Android?

1:40:00 - A note on Square vs. Google APIs and why they are both awesome!

1:44:50 - If you think you are good at what you do, don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve as an Employee.

1:46:00 - How to walk into Interviews like a Boss by Meditating and Relaxing yourself just before.

1:48:50 - How to negotiate a Salary with a potential Employer

Show Notes/Glossary

*MVP - Model View Presenter - Software Architecture Style.

*Whenever I’m designing parts of an MVP App, I try to keep them very small. This is based on the Single Responsibility Principle.

*There is a limit to the number of methods your Android Project can contain (Google 64K method Dex Limit)

*Constraint refers to constraining views relative to other views/viewgroups

*TDD - Test Driven Development