Android Live Q&A Ep. 9 - wiseAss
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Welcome to the blog post for Android Live Q&A Episode 9. If appropriate/when I have time, I’ll update notes, important links, and so forth to this page.

Check out the video here.

Topics by Timestamp

0:00 - Announcements and Gratitude

2:00 - A great resource for learning LiveData, ViewModel, and Lifecycle, and my experience implementing them so far:

Keep in mind that this stuff is still under development, if you are watching this Video months/years ago

7:35 - Revisit from previous episode: Where to Inject Presenters in MVP? Activity or Fragment? (I’m still learning more about this problem. I was told that there may be scenarios where I can’t actually trust setRetainInstance(true) to work consistently. If haven’t observed this myself, but I’ll be looking into it more).

11:15 - back to LiveData, ViewModel, and LifeCycle stuff

Big Announcement 14:45 - I’m going to be able to implement my entire Clean + MVP (Passive View) + Dependency Injection Layer Architecture soon in PosTrainer. It’s going to be good :).

20:00 - How does MVP Presenter fit into my own style of Architecture? What the hell does MVP/MVVVM/MVC/Clean Architecture even mean any more?

I use MVP Passive View (See Martin Fowler - Passive View)

22:50 - Ryan loses his patience with Windows 10 for the 97th time

28:50 - Comments exlode about MVP/MVC/MVVM/MMVMVCVPMZQTAFA Architectures

34:35 - Will I do a Video on Dragable RecyclerView Items? Yes, in Part 3 of my new RecView Tutorial.

Watch the new RecyclerView Tutorial, stop watching the old one

35:55 - How do you figure out why you’re App is crashing, and how to you ask for help with crashes?

43:25 - How to f*** up a demo, by Ryan K.

45:50 - My friend Darel B. saves the day (Merci Monseuir)

46:50 - Back on Track with how to solve App crashes using the Debugger, and how to solve common NullPointerException Errors

53:22 - Does CardView only work with RecyclerViews, or is it a seperate thing?

1:00:30 - End of show banter:

  • Arabic Greetings
  • My experience living with someone from a different culture
  • A lesson in how annoying and irregular English can be

Show Notes/Glossary

Martin Fowler -