Android Live Q&A Ep. 6 - wiseAss
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Welcome to the blog post for Android Live Q&A Episode 6. If appropriate/when I have time, I’ll update notes, important links, and so forth to this page.

Check out the video here.

Topics by Timestamp

0:00 - New RecyclerView Series will be out soon.

8:35 - Can I do a Tutorial on making a Library? (I plan to, but I must build the Library first, which I don’t have time to do for a few months)

9:45 - Is it good practice to use Firebase?

11:45 - What is Firebase?

18:44 - What are some benefits and advantages of using Firebase vs Writing your own Backend?

21:45 - How does Firebase work/what does it cost (see their website for specific details on signing up with them; I’m just rambling about it.)?

26:35 - What do you do if you are a perfectionist and you want to constantly improve your old code, when you need to move on? (Doing what you need to do vs what you want to do)

32:45 - The Birds Attack!.. and will I be doing content on Machine Learning and AI?

37:20 - My 5(2) Step Process for Beginner Android Developers. Part 1 - A Road Map for getting from no Coding Experience to your Full Android App

44:15 - Part 2 - How does a person actually learn this material? Do I need to pay for learning resources? What resources would I suggest? The Practical stuff.

46:42 - Everything you need to know about XML to work with it in a few minutes

1:02:35 - Figure out your Ideal Learning Process. I make Sketch Notes and Write a lot of Example Apps. Your ideal process may be different.

1:07:21 - Pointless A.D.D. rambling on the Future of Mobile App Development. This is very much opinionated rambling that should be disregarded.

1:11:20 - Should you have RxJava code in your View in Model View Presenter? (I didn’t have many details to work with unfortunately, so my answer is not very practical.)

Show Notes/Glossary