Android Live Q&A Ep. 4 - wiseAss
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Welcome to the blog post for Android Live Q&A Episode 4. If appropriate/when I have time, I’ll update notes, important links, and so forth to this page.

Check out the video here.

Topics by Timestamp

0:00 - Question from Omar S. Should Beginner/Intermediate Developers consider switching to learning Kotlin instead of Java?

9:05 - Will I be making a Kotlin Tutorial?

10:05 - PosTrainer and Decoupling System Services from Activites

18:20 - I find it funny that the most Complicated API I’ve ever configured is based on a Concept which could be understood by a Child very easily. Dagger 2 - Dependency Injection

22:10 - What is an Adapter, and how can we figure that out by Reading the Documentation for it?

32:25 - What is the ViewHolder Pattern, and how does it relate to Adapters?

35:23 - Bonus: Where should you put your Adapters?

38:30 - Opinion: Is Retrofit better than Volley? How would I decide between two APIs that do the same things?

42:20 - What Library would you suggest for Loading Images from Services (such as REST or Database)?

52:20 - Ryan hits Puberty again.

54:00 - Viewer Comment from Darel: Glide is another Image Processing Library, which is designed with Lifecycle events in mind. (Glide is not from Square! I corrected this in the Video, but I wanted to mention this again since it was my mistake to assume that it was.)

56:40 - Off Topic: Random tangent into Languages I’m interested in, and why Parents should never discourage a person from Learning a Language!

1:00:00 - How can a person get invited to the wiseAss Slack group?

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