Android Live Q&A Ep. 2 - wiseAss
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Welcome to the blog post for Android Live Q&A Episode 2. If appropriate/when I have time, I’ll update notes, important links, and so forth to this page.

Check out the video here.

Topics by Timestamp

5:00 - A brief Overview/Example of a ConstraintLayout

8:50 - Do I have any suggestions for getting started with learning Dagger 2 and RxJava?

11:30 - What is Dependency Injection?

17:00 - How does Dagger 2 relate to Dependency Injection? What does it do?

22:45 - What is RxJava and how does it work? (PLEASE NOTE: In doing a bit more research after the show, I see that saying Rx can make other Languages “Functional”, isn’t entirely true. I’ll address this in the next Episode)

36:00 - Why do people complain about me using the Darcula Android Studio theme? If you don’t like it, piss off and watch someone else.

37:00 - Will I be adding Dagger 2 to my Profiler Open Source App?

38:00 - What resource would I suggest for learning Gradle? What is Gradle?

46:40 - What is Butterknife? Have I used it?

52:30 - When should/shouldn’t you use Butterknife?

55:40 - Ryan has his first on Camera Steve Jobs style pissed off moment.

56:50 - After finishing my Calculator App Tutorial, where should a person go from there? (Calculator is a Beginner Tutorial Series on my channel, with it’s own Open Source Repository on Github for reference.)

1:01:45 - Noobs/Beginners! Ask some damn questions. Seriously, asking general questions helps you learn, and I enjoy answering general questions as I think they are important.

1:03:20 - (Not a programming question, but rather a vaguely philisophical question that a Viewer asked) “Is it better to love and lose or never to love?”

I would rephrase it like “Is it better to let yourself get wrapped up in Love, Desire, and Passion; or is it better to be a wooden person who’s cut off from emotions and never opens up to other people?

1:05:30 - Why use Realm vs SQLite, considering that the Android Framework approach is to use SQLite? Is it better to use Android Frameworks or Third Party Frameworks?

I guess the stream crashed briefly, but I don’t think it was for longer than a minute or so

1:17:45 - Once you know the basics of an Android App, how should you approach more advanced topics? Can I suggest learning resources/approaches to someone who’s between Beginner and Intermediate Level.

1:20:30 - (Vague Philosophical Question # 2) What things hold you back from doing the things you really want to do?

1:24:25 - Unfortunately I can only reprase this question. I’m currently looking into this.

What should be the division of responsibilities in an application which uses MVP + Clean Architecture, including Dependency Injection Frameworks?

Show Notes/Glossary

To be updated when I have time/remember.